Bust A Move


Bust'a Password  v.

Bust'a Password is an easy to use password generator. It generates random, memorable, medium strength passwords.

Bust A Rhyme  v.

Bust A Rhyme helps you find rhyming words easily by inserting a word into the text box and pressing the find button. The application will then display words, using Abbreviations.com's rhyming dictionary, that rhyme with the submitted word. This


Bobble Puzzle  v.0.90

Bobble Puzzle is a fun loving game and I am sure everyone will love it. It is just like Puzzle Bubble and Bust-a-move games. We can say it a clone of these games.

Zorx - a Puzzle Bobble clone  v.1.0

An SDL/OpenGL C++ clone of the famous Puzzle-Bobble/Bust-a-move series - Shoot bubbles, three of the same colour in a row pop.

Speedy Bubbles  v.1 2

Speedy Bubbles comprises a move style game for kids. This game contains all the best stuff from similar games, so now you've got a unique game that has no analogues.

Smiling Bubbles

The path to perfection has no borders, so as the new bubble game. Smiling Bubbles are not only chatting and laughing, entertaining you but also give you a chance to improve your skills - they are clever and cunning you see. At first you will need some

Sudoku XP  v.1.1

Sudoku is a simple, addictive game of logic that has taken the world by storm! Use reasoning and patience to solve the number grid,

Mouse Trap

In this game you need to trap the mouse and prevent it from escaping. You trap the mouse by erecting pillars to surround it. Each time you erect a pillar, the mouse will make a move. You need to plan your pillars carefully in order to trap the mouse.

Privacy & Security  v.

You need to know that your PC is a time bomb for your Privacy and Security. In fact, every time you make a move on your computer, you leave 'footprints' behind that can be retrieved at a later time by anyone who wants to see what you've been up to.

IncrediBubble  v.1 50

IncrediBubble is set in an undersea environment where you guide marine creatures through a brilliant underwater puzzle world. Your task is to link up at least three of the same color cubes using Phlipper the dolphin and his aquatic friends.

BrickAttack  v.1.00

BrickAttack is a game where you are trying to match block colors. Shoot bricks into the field until you aren't able to make a move. Four moving walls contain different-colored bricks. The game has several levels of difficulty,

Space Gun  v.2.4

Space Adventures, giant asteroids, star power, hostility toward civilization! Exploit the system of upgrades of your ship for the final epic battle with the boss! Controls: A - move left. D - move right. Space - accelerate. Shift - shoot.

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